Regulations & Guidelines

While the IIHS organization may provide assistance or recommendations, all transportation must be organized by each participating team.

The IIHS organization may recommend accommodations for the participating teams when sending out the official invitation and listing them on the tournament website, this suggestion ideally would include reduced fares. However, the IIHS organization is not responsible for the hotel’s services, and all the accommodation shall be organized by each respective participating team.

The IIHS organization may organize food for teams. If so, the participating teams will need to prepay for a set number of players and staff in accordance with the payment terms agreed upon with the IIHS.

The tournament fee covers only the right to play and does not include accommodation, food, or transportation.

All participants are responsible for ensuring that all individuals who are part of their teams for the tournament have taken out sufficient health insurance coverage. The IIHS organization is not responsible for any injuries, nor is it responsible for any claim whatsoever made by any participant or player. This is the sole responsibility of each and every participant.

Each participating team shall assign a representative for all management duties both before and during the tournament. This person will be the team’s sole representative for all decisions and tournament responsibilities.

Each division will have a director assigned by the IIHS, in charge of managing, reporting on, and controlling the organization of such a division

All players, coaches, team staff, and team representatives will adhere to good conduct, respect for arena staff, fair play, respect of the applicable rules & regulations, respect for on- and off-rink officials, respect for the IIHS organization, and respect for the other participants.

The participating teams agree that for any breach of the provisions of these the IIHS organization may, at their discretion, and in accordance with IIHS regulations, implement any sanction they deem appropriate (warning, suspension from one or more games, removal from the premises, reporting to the national authorities, among others). The IIHS organization reserves the right to update the guidelines, rules, and regulations at its sole discretion