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1. From Other European Main Cities ⇒ Prague

Traveling by train from Europe’s main cities to Ško-Energo Aréna can be a comfortable and convenient option, stopping first in Prague, as there are many train connections available to the city.

These are just a few examples of how you can travel by train from some of Europe’s main cities to Ško-Energo Aréna. Depending on your departure location, you may need to make additional connections or transfers. You can check train schedules and purchase tickets in advance through various online platforms or at train stations.

  1. From Berlin:
    • Direct trains operate between Berlin and Prague, with a travel time of approximately 4-5 hours.
  2. From Vienna:
    • Direct trains run between Vienna and Prague, and the journey takes approximately 4 hours.
  3. From Bratislava:
    • Direct trains connect Bratislava and Prague, with a travel time of around 4 hours.
  4. From Munich:
    • Direct trains operate between Munich and Prague, with a travel time of around 4 hours.
  5. From Zurich:
    • Direct trains connect Zurich and Prague, with a travel time of around 10 hours.
  6. From Paris:
    • High-speed trains (Thalys and TGV) operate between Paris and Prague, with a transfer in Frankfurt or Munich. The total travel time is approximately 10-11 hours.
  7. From Milan:
    • Direct trains connect Milan and Prague. The journey takes around 12-13 hours.

For specific schedules, ticket prices, and to book your train journey, you can check with the national railway companies of the respective countries or use online platforms such as SNCF (France), Trenitalia (Italy), Deutsche Bahn (Germany), ÖBB (Austria), and České dráhy (Czech Republic). These platforms provide up-to-date information on train schedules, availability, and ticket prices. Always consider booking your tickets in advance to secure the best prices and ensure seat availability.

City Time
PRAGUE 70 minutes
MILAN from 12 hours
PARIS from 10 hours
BERLIN from 4 hours
BRATISLAVA from 4 hours
MUNICH from 4 hours

2. From Prague ⇒ Mladá Boleslav & Ško-Energo Aréna


Once you are in Prague, typically, you will find yourself at the main train station, “Praha hlavní nádraží.” From here, there are multiple alternatives for traveling by bus and/or train to Mladá Boleslav. You can take the metro to “Černý Most” station, where you can then catch a bus or train to Mladá Boleslav (costing approximately 5 to 8 EUR). There are three stations in Mladá Boleslav where you can arrive:

  • Train station: Mladá Boleslav město (18 min walk/ 10 min bus to the arena)
  • Bus station: Autobusové nádraží Mladá Boleslav (18 min walk/ 10 min bus to the arena)
  • Train station: Mladá Boleslav hlavní nádraží (20 min walk/ 10 min bus to the arena)

Public transport Prague: https://www.dpp.cz/en


Once you are in Prague, usually, you will find yourself at the main bus terminal, “”Praha hlavní nádraží.” From here you can take an UBER or BOLT, for aprox 50 EUR (4 persons), 60 EUR (XL 6 persons), making around 15 EUR for each.

Ško-Energo Aréna address: Viničná 31, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav 1, Czechia

Phone: +420326748157
Website : https://www.bkboleslav.cz/skoenergo-arena

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