Logistics | By Car

From Main European Cities

Traveling by car from European main cities to Bodensee Arena can be a convenient option if you prefer the flexibility and freedom to explore the region at your own pace. 

Below you can find estimated times and distances based on Google Maps, please not that do not account for traffic, road conditions, or border crossings. Always allow extra time for unexpected delays and plan your journey accordingly.

City Time  (aprox) Distance
ZURICH 1 hour 75 km – 47 miles
BASEL 1.5 hours 150 km – 93 miles
MILAN 3 hours 300 km – 186 miles
MUNICH 2.5 hours 230 km – 143 miles
LYON 6.5 hours 630 km – 391 miles
PARIS 7 hours 680 km – 422 miles
VIENNA 8 hours 800 km – 497 miles
PRAGUE 9 hours 820 km – 510 miles
BARCELONA 14.5 hours 1430 km – 888 miles

Parking Places | Bodensee Arena

Bodensee Arena has its own parking lot with 400 parking spaces available for visitors. The parking lot is accessible from Konstanzerstrasse and the entrance is signposted.

During events, the parking lot can fill up quickly, so it is recommended to arrive early to secure a spot. Alternatively, there are some public parking areas nearby, such as the Bahnhofplatz parking lot or the Sch├╝tzenstrasse parking lot, which are within walking distance to the Bodensee Arena.